Sponsor a Child This Year

We come across many opportunities in our lifetime, but very few of these involve helping others, despite the fact they carry immense rewards spiritually. It falls on us in terms of how we take advantage of such blessings. Some opportunities are just there for the taking. Some people get lucky and make the most of it while others miss out but hope to catch it next time.

Helping other people is something that comes naturally to us as humans and us here at Orbit Foundation. For the most part, we’ve already decided that we will help those in need, provided we are in a situation to do so. We come across these people in our daily lives, and we feel for them. The matter becomes even more personal when little children are involved. Children who live in poverty for most of their life never know life beyond the shelter they call home. This is not a life they got to choose for themselves. They were born into poverty, famine and war.

People who are actively involved in charities will tell you that when you look into a child’s eyes, you will always find them wanting. Not the life that you had or have. Not money or any necessity it can buy; they just want a fighting chance to stand on their feet and make themselves matter.

This is where child sponsorship comes in to make all the difference.  Rainbow Family is a child orphan sponsorship programme by Orbit Foundation. The programme is specifically designed to help children realise their aspirations and achieve their dreams. However, the programme doesn’t just stop there. It goes beyond a child’s education and provides them with healthcare, food, clothing and emotional stability and wellbeing. More importantly, it gives them hope and allows them to have dreams they can make a reality.

Children develop a dream early on, and it’s what motivates them to keep going. Share a child’s dream and make it become a reality. For as little as £25 a month, you can sponsor an orphan and open new doors to a child’s future. There are hundreds of thousands of children that are in dire need of care, especially in war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Your pledge will ensure they stay in school, continue their education and become leaders of their community. It will enable children to seek support and counselling when needed from qualified mentors on academic, personal and emotional issues. Visit our website today and donate to a child in need. Your donations really will make a big difference!

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